Fire Extinguisher Sales to ensure your Fire Safety compliance

Onsite sales and installation of portable fire equipment

We at Five Star Fire ensure that the portable fire extinguisher equipment and other fire safety measures found at your business are compliant with SANS 1475. Best of all our services are same day and on site.

Fire extinguishers for sale

  • CO2 – 2kg, 5Kg
  • Foam – 9 liters
  • DCP (Dry Chemical Powder) – 1kg, 1,5kg, 2kg, 2,5kg, 4,5kg, 9kg, 25kg and 50kg

The full spectrum of Five Star Fire on site services include:

  1. Ask your insurance company what their expectations are with regard to installed fire fighting equipment.
  2. Provide us with their recommendations – our company is certified to ensure that you are compliant.
  3. We will deliver and install – our installers are qualified to ensure that you are compliant.
  4. We provide you with certificates of compliance.
  5. The fire extinguisher we install are fully SABS-approved.
  6. We provide any additional consultancy and advise once our team is on site – this your insurance company will not do until you make a claim when the problem is too late to fix.
  7. We capture your details into our CRM.
  8. Exactly one year later we will arrange to service the equipment we installed ensuring complete peace of mind.
  9. We update our CRM records which we make available to your insurance company should you need to claim.
Mobile fire extinguisher sales and installation
SABS approved fire extinguishers for sale
installation of fire extinguishers on site

Our Promises to ensure your Fire Safety compliance

Fire extinguisher service Promise

We at Five Star Fire ensure that the portable firefighting equipment and other fire safety measures found at your business are compliant with SANS 1475.

Five Star Fire is a fire protection business that ensures a safe and compliant environment for our clients to thrive.

With Five Star Fire you are in safe hands. You have the peace of mind of knowing that the risk mitigation against fire in your business is looked after by trained, experienced and SAQCC-accredited experts. We’re not into ticking boxes – we have a vision for future greatness.

The Five Star Promise

good-or-tick-iconWe promise to deliver prompt, value for money, onsite service for all your fire safety equipment with our fully-kitted mobile unit. ‘SABS Approved’ mobile unit.

good-or-tick-iconWe promise that your business is kept legally compliant – SABS and SAQCC accredited and all the services we conduct, recorded and stored for your convenience.

good-or-tick-iconWe promise to do what it takes to ensure quality, by doing regular fire safety training, assessments and reviews. All our fire technicians have extensive checklists on mobile apps ensuring thorough inspections and quality control.

good-or-tick-iconWe promise our team will be inspired and motivated so that the experience is enjoyable.

good-or-tick-iconWe promise to check within 24 hours of our service that we have lived up to our promise

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