Fire Safety in the workplace

Fire prevention is the best fire safety policy

All employers have a legal and moral obligation to assure the safety of their employees and anyone visiting their premises. The 1994 Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) gives your employees the right to a healthy and safe working environment and non-compliance can result in stiff penalties.

What kind of fire strategy do you have in place and does it comply with legislation? Inspectors can visit your premises at any time to check that you’ve had a fire risk assessment done and are in possession of all necessary documents in compliance with Occupational Health and Safety legislature.

Five Star Fire is a reputable, certified assessor that can provide you with the relevant certification once you have met all requirements of current legislation especially SANS 1475. Our record keeping is compliant and will ensure a speedy insurance claim if necessary.



Fire Safety Signs

Professional compliance standards

We conduct inspections, testing, installation and maintenance of portable firefighting equipment via our mobile onsite units. This includes all the relevant signage, checklists and record keeping needed to comply with current legislation.

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